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PentaMails VS In-House Mails



Penta Mails In-House
Predictable Costs – Costs are predefined and easy to budget. Unexpected Expenses – Costs can be unpredictable for management and upgrades.
Team of experts maintaining and protecting your data 24x7x365 Requires a lot of time from the IT staff to update, maintain and troubleshoot.
Easy, cost-effective scalability as your business grows. New equipment fees and IT resources consumed.
Redundancy is built-in and backups are readily available. Additional resources required to be redundant. Restoring data can require extensive time consumption of IT staff.
Anti-virus, spam filtering, and encryption are included, and optional archiving and mobility are easy add-ons. IT personnel resources consumed to keep up with anti-virus and spam.
Performance SLA backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No uptime guarantee.

   You should consider the following costs of your In-house solution.

Category Cost
Hardware Servers, operating system, data center costs, power
Server software Mail server software, client licenses, maintenance
Client software Client-installed software, maintenance fees
Storage Storage, redundancy, power
Spam & virus filtering Hardware and/or licensing costs, a lot of administration is usually required to keep things working well
Message archiving Archiving software, storage, and integration costs
Mobile messaging BES servers and licenses, integration and maintenance
Staffing Administration, maintenance, end-user support
Financing Cost of financing servers, storage, and software
Compare all costs of your In-house hosting.


How do you currently handle...
  • Upgrades?
  • New servers?
  • Outages?
  • Softwares?
  • Spam?
  • Bandwidth?
  • Leased line?
  • Viruses?
  • Backup?

Use the money you save on PentaMails on something else;

Use your local server for anything else;

Use your workforce for everything else.



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